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Bonjour monsieur et mademoiselle! ♥ Sheira Samantha here, a student/blogger from Southeast Asia. A sixteen year old, aspiring to be a novelist and a musician -- planning to pursue a medical degree. GOD, family and friends are my inspiration. I am GOD-loving, unique, optimistic, friendly, cheerful, loving, persevering, determined and passionate to what I believe in. What I love? GOD. Family. Friends. Reading good books. Feeling the cool morning breeze brushing through my delicate skin, witnessing the serenity of the golden sunset as darkness slowly paves its way, smiling each and every day because there's no reason to frown, composing, finding ideas to create my first ever novel, seeing something flamboyant, traveling around the world (my ultimate dream!), and taking photographs. Things I like doing? Experiencing new things, singing, witnessing life, sight-seeing at beautiful historical sights, and eating yummy delicacies. I want to inspire others and be more optimistic when everyone else is devoured by negativities, and lastly, I may feel happiness and contentment with my life right now, but life is a labyrinth, I just have to find a way to make it through its passages.♥

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This was supposed to be one of the most unlucky day for me. Why? Because all of the photos, like really, all of it vanished into thin air. I don’t know why exactly, maybe because the hard drive got some kind of virus or something. But, moving on, I felt a little pissed awhile ago because of…

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This was supposed to be one of the most unlucky day for me. Why? Because all of the photos, like really, all of it vanished into thin air. I don’t know why exactly, maybe because the hard drive got some kind of virus or something. But, moving on, I felt a little pissed awhile ago because of…

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SUMMER SAOIRSE: ... because it's always worth the wait 


Have it ever crossed your mind how excruciating to imagine that the one you adore so much, doesn’t feel the same way as you? I know. It’s tormenting, right? Knowing that the person you’ve loved dearly for over a year or so, dotes someone who you think is better than you. It’s unfathomable. You try…

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The sad fate of falling in love…

"Should I give up? Or should I just keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere." 

- Adele (Chasing Pavements) 

This part of the song suits my feelings very well. 

So, this day was suppose to be one of the best days ever because I got the chance to spend some time with him. But unfortunately, just like the weather right now, everything, everyone, and whatever I see right now, turned out to be so devastating.

First of all, I had to walk for long distances just to go to my next classes. My last class was at the College of Veterinary Medicine; my subject for that was Psychology. Me and my classmates ran and walked and ran and walked, just to be on time for class, but, the odds were not in our favor, so, we were late. Good thing our professor let us in to listen to his class. (This is really not the big deal why my day was devastating.)

Aside from the event stated above, the reason why my day turned out to be so cruel, devastating, claustrophobic, unfortunate, and everything sad is because, I received a bad news, a very, I mean, very very bad news. First, it turned out to be so right, but later on, it didn’t. I’ve had a lot of questions running in my mind right now. Questions like “Why?” “Why us?” “How come?” and “Why are they doing this to me? And to us?” I mean, come on  people! Get a life! You have your own, why would you interfere to a person which obviously has the right to choose his own will and freedom? Is it really necessary to break a bond just to satisfy the status quo? For me, it isn’t! Justice. Freedom. Don’t you even understand that?! Now I’m thinking how immature those people are for interfering with someone’s life. They don’t have the right to be like that!

Right now, they must have felt sudden relief, contentment and happiness. Thanks a lot! You left somebody shattered and broken. Really. To those people whom I referring to, I don’t hold grudges, and I easily forgive. God forgives, so can I, because I’m just a mere human. But what I’m pointing out is, they can give advice, but not to the extent that they’d dictate that person on what to do. He has a life for Pete’s sake! Let him enjoy it! Free will. Don’t you even understand that?! Please. Because he’s not the only one who’s affected, and was left shattered and broken to pieces, so am I. It’s the two of us that was left hurt. People, I hope you change your mind. Please don’t think of what others will think about him, or about all of you. He has the right to be happy for his own reasons. So, that’s all. I guess I’ve said enough. Thanks. 

I don’t care if no one can read this, all I care is that, I’ve let out my emotions and opinions. I don’t care! People should start getting a life! 

Pissed. Broken. Sad. 

And that my friend, is the sad fate of falling in love. Forbidden love is much worse than a person falling out of love. Sad but true </3


~ Samantha xx

Rainy days on Wednesdays ☂

For the whole duration of my summer, today’s the first time that I actually woke up early, like really very early. I woke up about 5:30 in the morning. I felt so proud of myself; I consider this as one of my accomplishment for the whole summer. Lol. Anyway, I was planning to go out for a morning jog, but the weather’s not very cooperative, so, I spent the whole morning inside my bedroom.

Without nothing productive to do, I spent my day texting, watching tv, download random stuff, read articles and the cycle goes on. Today’s really gloomy, that all I want to do is cuddle with my stuffed toy and wrap myself with my blanket, and of course, I wouldn’t miss my cup of coffee in days like this. 

Today’s just one of those random days where it rains the whole day. Not much of an important day, but still I enjoyed it, and I’m thankful. 

~ Samantha xx

It’s a “Perfect” Day. ❤

A lot of things happened today, (kilig moments and worst moments!) though for some they may find it very immature, but for me, it is really a big deal.

Well, I’d like to share my experiences for this day…

  • First, I went to the University Hospital to get my Physical examination to be used for our enrollment this coming 14th of May. Why I considered it as one of the best contributors for my perfect day? It’s because, when everything else started to go wrong (because I wasn’t able to get my Physical examination form meters away from the University Hospital - and it’s so tiring if I walk just to get that form. It’s not even a walking distance!) my mom went to the University Hospital to check on me, and there she was, she became my life saver, and driver too. Thanks ma! Because of my mom who was checking me if I was able to do the Physical examination properly, I was able to get the form at the *I forgot what the name was* without even walking. Yahoo!
  • Second!! This is the best!! Here it is: I saw my crush! Lalala. B-E-S-T D-A-Y E-V-E-R! And… we are even wearing the same color of shirt. Lalala. He then smiled, and of course! I smiled back. ❤ That was just so perfect! 
  • This is the WORST! To be able to be enrolled in the College of Nursing, *pre-enroll rather, that’s what I see it*. I should undergo X-Ray, Blood extraction to determine if my blood is non reactive from Hepa B, and finger-pricked. So, I was X-Rayed, extracted blood from my left arm (which I can’t even feel my left arm after the nurse extracted blood from it), and was finger-pricked to check my blood.

I think these are all the important details why my day was perfect (though worst but not really that worst)! Okay. Hahah. I feel so happy and contented. I hope I can get a glimpse of my crush tomorrow. ❤ That’s all…

~ Samantha xx 

One lazy afternoon…

I find this afternoon as one of the laziest… EVER! I’m so tired of doing every single thing over and over and over again, so I decided to go out, get some fresh air and take pictures. I guess, that’s what I’m going to do later - after I post this. OK. That’s all. Bye! Haha. 

~ Samantha xx

I love mornings!

Good morning! It’s a new day to start ahead. Actually, I really slept very late last night, around 2am maybe, that’s why I wasn’t able to go for my morning jog which honestly, I still haven’t gone for a morning jog for the entire summer because I always wake up at 10am. Well, I guess I’ll be doing the same routine today: watch tv, tumblr, twitter, sleep, eat, sleep, watch tv, tumblr, twitter, facebook. I’ve been doing that routine and it’s kinda boring already, but it’s okay, I won’t be doing much at home rather than that. Okay, I guess I should start my day now. Bye.

Samantha xx

Read until I cannot understand what’s really going on.

I was reading this book entitled “Aleph" written by world renowned author Paulo Coelho and I don’t understand it clearly, I don’t get the whole point! I don’t know why. Am I that dumb for not being able to understand? Or is the story just serious that I cannot relate to whatever the book has at hand. I’ve understood some parts, but other scenes makes me react like “What?! What just happened? I didn’t get it.”, just like that! But anyway, the books great though, lots of inspiring words on it. I guess if I’ll read the book continuously I will be able to understand it. Okay. Fine. Bye.

Samantha xx



So, I was about to post a photo taken during last, last year’s Valentines Daybut I’m not using my own laptop, I’m using my mom’s and all my photos were there so, I can’t post it today. I’ve always liked that photo, it’s simple yet it was captured great. I don’t know why I like it, it was just stones and a paper cut into a heart shape. So much for this… about this personal blog, I feel so tired in improving it, yet. So, yeah. K. Bye. Hahaha. 

Samantha xx